Advanced Manufacturing Execution System

ARDO Benimodo

The Centre for Research in Production Management and Engineering (CIGIP) of the Universitat Politècnica de València, as HUB4.0MANUVAL‘s centre of competence, has developed a cyber-physical system that enables automated control of changeover and progress of production orders on a frozen vegetable preparation line, in collaboration with the company ARDO Benimodo.

Automatic process control is one of the most representative applications of cyberphysical systems in manufacturing. The development enables the exchange of information between the MES (Manufacturing Execution System), the control programs of the different equipment in the line (e.g. automated pallet transport, calibrators, labellers) and the line operators.

The operators initiate the order switching in the MES, confirming the next production order. From this point on, they can consult instructions for line preparation at the terminal. The data exchange system with the control level, based on the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) standard, manages the sending of the configuration parameters (e.g. pallet sizes, filling height, gauges) and waits for the confirmation of the different controllers that the equipment is ready for the execution of the next production order. Once the changes have been confirmed, the line starts the production process and the operators can consult from the terminal the progress of the order and the details of the declared pallets.