Virtual Factory – Operating System

Mondragon Assembly

The Centre for Research in Engineering and Production Management (CIGIP) at the Universitat Politècnica de València, in collaboration with several European partners, have developed an environment for the development of applications for the factories of the future. One of the most relevant applications is the sensorization of products and processes of companies in the 4.0 sector, which allows to boost the value proposal of a company’s products by offering services based on data management during production. This requires the development of robust, agile, customizable and lightweight applications, adapted to the needs of SMEs and easy to implement.

Mondragon Assembly, a producer of machinery for the assembly of solar panels, has used the open Operating System for Virtual Factories called vf-OS IO Toolkit, developed by CIGIP, to provide its machines with corrective and preventive maintenance services.

Using the vf-OS IO Toolkit, Mondragon Assembly has generated drivers in some of its industrial protocols, such as OPC UA, Modbus, CoAP, Profinet or MTConnect, to capture alarms from its machines that are operating in the factories of its customers and predict future failures, which allows to speed up communication and response times.

For their part, Mondragon Assembly customers, in addition to reporting alarms, can learn from the history of actions and analyse failures, reducing their dependence on Mondragon Assembly to exceptional cases.