The services offered by HUB4.0MANUVAL aim to accelerate the use and assimilation of digital transformation enabling technologies by SMEs operating in the traditional production sectors of the Valencian Community.

They are managed following two schemes:

One-stop Shop

A variety of services are brought together to offer a comprehensive approach to business needs.

Test before invest

Users are aware of the specific benefits of technology implementation before investing in its acquisition.

Technological services are an essential part of the Hub’s activity as the core of the scientific-technological offer of HUB4.0MANUVAL. To implement these type of services, the HUB4.0MANUVAL member Competence Centres have infrastructures and technological resources in the following areas:

Artificial Intelligence
Industrial Robotics
Cybernetic Physical Systems (CPS)
Internet of Things (IoT)
High Performance Computing (HPC)

HUB4.0MANUVAL servicies are articulated around the following blocks

HUB4.0MANUVAL works to boost networking capacity and increase knowledge about the potential application of enabling technologies for the digital transformation of the Valencian manufacturing sector. The DIH leadership promotes the following activities:

Networking events

Organizing and participating in events that inform about technology trends, the opportunities provided by digitization, and the tools available to support the implementation of these technologies.

Brokerage events

Organization and participation in events that bring manufacturing companies closer to the opportunities to participate in cooperative projects that promote and validate the use of innovative technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence

Collaboration networks with other DIH

Joining networks that allow the establishment of synergies and strengthen the supply of services provided from the Hub.

Online community

Virtual meeting point for the stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem, where SMEs, large companies, research institutes, technology centres, universities, public administrations, and investors, who are interested in participating in the processes of digitisation of the regional economy, converge.

HUB4.0MANUVAL foster collaborative R&D projects between the stakeholders of the Valencian ecosystem, with two objectives:

  1. Give visibility to digital and automation technologies in advanced manufacturing.
  2. Promote innovative digital solutions for traditional manufacturing companies.


  • Encouraging R&D and innovation among DIH members through collaborative programmes.
  • Promoting collaborations between suppliers and users of DIH through European consortia.
  • Development of digitalisation and automation projects for the traditional manufacturing sectors in Valencia.
  • Design and implementation of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) based on artificial vision, sensor networks and embedded processors
  • Digital electronic design and hardware prototyping for CPS.
  • Mechatronics and prototyping for machine development.
  • Advanced 3D printing service.
  • Robotics, engineering and deployment applications in production lines.
  • Design of gripper tools for specific robotic applications and robot test bench.
  • Predictive maintenance of machinery in industrial environments 4.0.
  • Quality control of manufactured parts through image analysis based on convolutional neural networks.
  • Development of tools for the analysis, processing and extraction of knowledge from data from different sources such as open data, social networks, etc.
  • Development of tools for automated planning and decision support systems.

Due to the complementary nature of technological services and to respond to the needs of companies from a business orientation, which seeks to capture the value provided by digital transformation technologies. This action gives priority to the following activities:

Acceleration of start-up initiatives

Support and mentoring for start-ups that are articulated around the use of digital transformation enabling technologies.

Industrial property

Advice on the protection of industrial property

Public financing

Advice to identify opportunities for public funding to help implement digitization projects in the productive fabric.

Organizational Evaluation and Diagnosis

Advice to diagnose the current situation of the company and design an action plan to take advantage of the opportunities provided by digitalization.

Human resources are a valuable asset within any organization and on the way to transforming the industry the development of new capabilities is vital. The training offer has been designed according to the following opportunities:

  • Organisation of training actions related to enabling technologies for digital transformation.
  • Contents of massive open online course (MOOC) related to industrial digitalization.

Success Stories